aRIA, the alliance for RIAs, is a boutique industry association comprised of six elite RIA firms that collectively manage more than $20 billion in client assets. Each of our member firms have experienced significant “non-organic” growth through recruiting advisors, developing new business lines, or completing mergers and acquisitions. Conceptualized and led by Advisor Growth Strategies, a leading consulting firm, aRIA offers insight for advisors considering ways to enhance their firms’ enterprise value.

Each aRIA member, or breakaway advisor, has made a commitment to a business plan pf growth via advisor acquisition, adding a new business line or by advisors recruiting. Advisory firms that focus on advisor succession planing generate 3X the revenue and 2X the cash flow. We will strive to proactively share our knowledge of maximizing firm value, advisor recruiting, advisor seccession panning, for breakaway advisors and breakaway brokers within industry. aRIA is strengthened given our diversity of advisory types, geographic locations, and investment philosophies who are all focused on maximizing firm value for breakaway advisory firm owners through advisor recruiting, advisor acquisition, RIA succession planning.
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