aRIA meets regularly to share knowledge and market views without conflict to improve enterprise value through advisor recruiting, advisor acquisition, and seccession planning.

aRIA is founded on the principle of bringing together diverse schools of thought in an objective and unbiased way. aRIA is strengthened given our diversity of advisory types, geographic locations, and investment philosophies who are all focused on maximizing value for advisory firm owners and employees while delivering best in class wealth management services to the clients they serve.

Each holding a personal stake in the group, our “think tank” facilitates an open forum of honest discussion to understand best practices for stimulating inorganic growth. Sharing this knowledge freely helps to develop our own firms as well as grow RIAs to truly benefit the industry.

We believe there will be an emergence of several $10 billion+ regional and national independent advisory firms, and we are committed to being on the leading edge of this trend. We are committed to the growth of the RIA and independent segments as a whole, and believe the independent channel will continue to take market share, as measured by client assets, away from the wirehouses.

“RIAs grow at
8% a year,
aRIA member
firms grow at
28% on average”

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